Yuval Noah Harari

Breath: The ..

James Nestor

Homo Deus..

Yuval Noah Harari

Generative A..

Jerry Kaplan

Braiding Swe..

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Operation Pa..

Annie Jacobsen

The Inner Wo..

Mathew Micheletti & Ashley Cottrell

The Biggest ..

Sean Carroll

The Middle P..

Dr. James Hollis

The Great Ri..

Boyce Upholt


Eric Berger

Your Brain o..

Susan Magsamen & Ivy Ross

Moonwalking ..

Joshua Foer

How the Worl..

Vaclav Smil

Cosmos: A Pe..

Carl Sagan

Cadillac Des..

Marc Reisner & Lawrie Mott

Other Minds..

Peter Godfrey-Smith

How We Die: ..

Sherwin B. Nuland


Richard J. Schrödinger

The Immortal..

Rebecca Skloot

Darwin's Dou..

Stephen C. Meyer

Mike Busch o..

Mike Busch

The Mushroom..

Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

Cosmic Queri..

Neil deGrasse Tyson, James Trefil & Lindsey N. Walker

Brain Energy..

Christopher M. Palmer, MD

The Holograp..

Michael Talbot

Vax-Unvax: L..

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Brian Hooker

The Divided ..

John E. Sarno

Jung's Map o..

Murray Stein

Basin and Ra..

John McPhee

Starry Messe..

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Six Easy Pie..

Richard P. Feynman

Telling Is N..

Mike Thompson

Coyote Ameri..

Dan Flores

The Third Ch..

Jared Diamond

Electrify : ..

Saul Griffith

Cognitive Be..

John Roberts

Cognitive Be..

Seth J. Gillihan, PhD

A Universe f..

Lawrence M. Krauss, Richard Dawkins & Simon Vance

The Ethical ..

Michael Kearns & Aaron Roth

The Story of..

Daniel Lieberman

A Brief Hist..

Dr. Becky Smethurst

Sociology 10..

Alicia Simmons

The Secret L..

Trevor Corson

The Theory o..

Stephen Hawking

A Field Guid..

Thomas Peisel, Dylan Tuccillo & Jared Zeizel

Quantum Comp..

Brian Clegg

Genetics For..

Tara Rodden Robinson, PhD. & Lisa Spock, PhD, CGC

Porsche 911:..

Robert McGowan

Esperanza: C..

Frank Selden

Quanta and F..

Sean Carroll

Of Boys and ..

Richard V. Reeves

Behave: The ..

Robert M. Sapolsky

The Soul of ..

Sy Montgomery

The God Equa..

Michio Kaku

Desert Solit..

Edward Abbey

The Metavers..

Matthew Ball

Beyond Addic..

Jeffrey Foote, PhD, Carrie Wilkens, PhD, Stephanie Higgs & Nicole Kosanke, PhD

Immune: A Jo..

Philipp Dettmer

Social Psych..

Nathan DeWall

The Devil's ..

Dan Egan

Israel's Edg..

Jason Gewirtz

The Light Ea..

Zoë Schlanger

Dark Territo..

Fred Kaplan

Until the En..

Brian Greene

Violence and..

René Girard

Black Rednec..

Thomas Sowell


Neil deGrasse Tyson

Stick and Ru..

Wolfgang Langewiesche

Liberalism a..

Alexandre Lefebvre

Determined: ..

Robert M. Sapolsky

The Art of D..

Steve Wozniak, William L. Simon & Kevin D. Mitnick

The Weight o..

Clayton Page Aldern

A Brief Hist..

Stephen Hawking

Human Physio..

AudioLearn Medical Content Team

Power vs. Fo..

Dr. David R. Hawkins

The Power of..

Joseph Campbell & Bill Moyers

A Degree in ..

David Baker

Out of One, ..

Jennifer T. Roberts

The Violinis..

Sam Kean

The Warrior'..

Richard L. Haight

Attachment i..

David J. Wallin

Dust : The M..

Jay Owens

The Body: A ..

Bill Bryson

Thinking in ..

Donella Meadows

On the Origi..

Charles Darwin

Exploring Cr..

Jeannie K. Fulbright & Brooke Ryan

Gathering Mo..

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Greater Than..

Richard C. Schwartz Ph.D.

Another Lous..

John Gierach


Joseph Steinberg, Kevin Beaver CISSP, Ira Winkler, CISSP & Ted Coombs

A Man on the..

Andrew Chaikin

Why We Do Wh..

Edward L. Deci & Richard Flaste

The Art of E..

Ros Atkins

Why We Remem..

Charan Ranganath

Sick Enough ..

Jennifer L. Gaudiani, MD, CEDS, FAED

The Dragons ..

Carl Sagan

Parts Work: ..

Tom Holmes PhD & Lauri Holmes MSW

The Cure for..

Roy Eskapa

Retrain Your..

Seth J. Gillihan, PhD